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Antonio Nani (1842-1929): Messa da Requiem (1879)

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Antonio Nani (1842-1929): Messa da Requiem (1879)

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Antonio Nani’s Messa da Requiem: for male voices and grand orchestra, a musical gem that was recorded in 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria, under the music label GEGA New.

The Messa Da Requiem was challenging in various ways. The piece required a 40-strong male choir: a resource not available in Malta. Therefore, it was decided to involve the Graduale Male Choir from Bulgaria as well as the Sofia Symphony Orchestra.

Since Nani’s Messa Da Requiem is primarily a Maltese composition, a local conductor was necessary. Mro Joseph Vella was chosen to conduct the choir and orchestra, while Cliff Zammit Stevens and Nicholas Agius Darmanin  were chosen as tenors, Louis Andrew Cassar as bass-baritone and Alfred Camilleri as baritone.

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