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Two Generations of Maltese Artistic Families - Volume 3

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Two Generations of Maltese Artistic Families - Volume 3

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Two Generations of Maltese Artistic Families is a three-year project being undertaken by APS Bank throughout 2014-2016 recording and evaluating the contribution of six pairs of Maltese artists while eliciting inter-relationships between their milieus and their sensitivity in their respective artistic works. This initiative, which consists of a yearly publication and respective exhibition, reflects the Bank’s raison d’être, that is to complement activities carried out by other entities and bring together a collective effort of ideas by forerunners in the cultural field.

Volume 3 addresses the works and personal views on art of Giuseppe Cassar and his daughter Maria Rossella Dalmas, and of Albert Joseph Caruana and his daughter Doranne Alden Caruana.

The exceptionally-written essays and psychoanalytic analysis in these books give a clear picture of how the Maltese Art Scene has changed from the 20th century onwards, especially with the emergence of more dynamic artistic tendencies.

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